Monday, July 17, 2017

July 2017 Net Worth

All figures are generated from As you can I picked up almost $17,000 over the last couple of months. The only account that appears to have gone down is my house. The value fell from $138k to $131,000. Not sure why, but doesn't really matter.

It's good to see these numbers increasing. As I mentioned in my Dividend Post, there have been a lot of changes going on at work and not for the better. I have held on to my current position so far, however between the management changes and a subsequent fall off in business that may change quickly. It's good to have a huge safety net!!


Checking --- $14564
Savings --- $363277
Lending Club --- $9576
HSA --- $2294
Brokerage --- $0
IRA --- $9206
401K --- $321775
House --- $131212



Net Worth


YTD Totals

May 2017 --- $835,009
July 2017 --- $851,904   

There is no down time when building a path that doesn't lead back to ZERO!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

June 2017 Dividend Summary

Here are the dividends I received from last month.

  • PFE --- $123.70
  • XOM --- $112.67
  • RDS-b --- $103.40
  • BP --- $101.43
  • MAT --- $76.57
  • TGT --- $72.92
  • WFC --- $65.88
  • GM --- $63.35
  • VFC --- $61.37
  • SO --- $53.73
  • JNJ --- $45.50
  • TROW --- $43.52
  • GILD --- $43.10
  • QCOM --- $41.85
  • UL --- $38.04
  • MSFT --- $32.58
  • NEA --- $16.63
  • MET --- $16.12
  • EMR --- $14.64

Total dividend income in my taxable account  $1127.00.

That was a great month!! 

Now for the other news...

Things at work have become very complicated and with new upper management changes are happening almost daily. Most likely I will be demoted and half my salary cut in half. That's option isn't anything to cry about as I still would be making six figures.

The other two options are I am fired or I choose not to work in an unbearable work environment. Because of these new circumstances, I decided to liquidate my entire portfolio. I now have about $400,000 sitting in cash. I also still have about $320,000 sitting in my 401k which is invested 65/35 in S&P 500 and Vanguard bonds.

Since I am 46 right now, I may actually be financially independent. I will see how thing play out over the coming months and will make a decision about whether or not I get back into the market and how much I will invest. 

Stay tuned!!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

May 2017 Dividend Summary

  • HCP --- $115.68
  • OHI --- $101.80
  • VZ --- $58.74
  • BMY --- $29.36
  • ABT --- $26.99
  • ABBV --- $25.60
  • PG --- $20.85
  • NEA --- $16.55
  • AAPL --- $15.98
  • GIS --- $14.40

Total income received in my taxable account is $425.95.

Another pretty solid "off" month in my opinion. REITs accounted for over half of the income so I need to continue trying balance things out. I should receive much higher totals from VZ, GIS, and T in the next quarter which will be nice.

May was a pretty good month of capital additions as well and I am now sitting on just over $9600 in forward dividends.


Friday, May 26, 2017

Recent Buy --- OHI

Today I added to my OHI position.

  • OHI:  50 shares @ $31.53 --- Yield  7.99%

Total capital invested is $1583.43 and will add $126.00 to my yearly dividends. The yield is pretty high right now and hopefully dividend will be safe. I don't want to get too heavy into REITs, but the bargains are scarce right now. If oil prices drop back down again I'll pick up a few shares of BP and Shell. 

Forward dividends are $9600.00.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Recent Buy --- GWW

Today I initiated a position in GWW.

  • GWW:  10 shares @ $174.96 --- Yield  2.92%

Total capital invested is $1756.50 and will add $51.50 to my yearly dividends.

GWW has taken a beaten in recent months falling almost $100 a share. Like M, KSS, TGT, and many other retailers, Amazon has been looking over their shoulder. It's tough in retail right now. Amazon can't sell everything to everyone, can it??

At close to 3% the yield is appealing and should be easily covered going forward. I'll likely add more shares around the $150 range if it falls that far.

Forward dividends are $9450.00


Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Final Sharebuilder photo --- PFE

Today I brought my PFE share count over 400.

  • PFE:  50 shares @ $32.58 --- Yield  3.93%

Total capital invested is $1636.20 and will add $64 to my yearly dividends.

As noted this will be my last photographed purchase. Technically this photo is an account photo, but it's the last photo nonetheless.

I'm been made aware on numerous occasions during the past year and a half that there are different apps, screenshot techniques, etc that are infinitely better than sticking a fucking camera phone in front of the screen and downloading it via my phone (which believe it or not rarely works on the first attempt). Yet, I continue to take my photo purchases and post my buys....NO MORE!!

In 2014 & 2015 I just posted my weekly automatic purchases as well as regular purchases on the blog. One day someone emailed me and told me that my purchases were fictitious. The funny thing is it would be impossible for me to create accurate automatic buy prices each week as there are numerous Sharebuilder users who may make the same purchases occasionally. It would be impossible for me to predict the price to the penny each week. I guess the fictitious part of my posts were the dollar amounts. I don't know.

Stupid shit like this shouldn't bother me in the big scheme of things, but I felt it necessary for everyone else to show that I legitimately make these investments (good ones and bad) and I truly put my money where my mouth is.

So as you can see by the photo, I have just under $250,000 currently invested and plan to invest another $250,000 in the next two years. 

I have also been considering stopping my future investments in Cap One Sharebuilder and starting a second brokerage account soon.

Forward dividends are now $9400.00


Monday, May 15, 2017

Recent Buy --- VZ

I just made VZ one my top 4 positions.

  • VZ: 100 shares @ $45.28 --- Yield  5.12%

Total capital invested is $4541.61 and will increase my yearly dividend by $232. 

VZ and T have both been falling quite a bit, but VZ is dropping much faster. Today's purchase makes VZ my fourth largest position behind PFE, XOM, and KO.  Any future telecom purchases will probably be T shares. My original intention was to reach $10,000 in forward dividends by the end of the year. I will most likely reach this goal in June. 

Forward dividends are now around $9350.